Our 3 Phase approach to get your development started

US Commercial Real Estate Development

Phase 1:  Develop Client Portfolio & Identify Project

  1. Create a background of client, businesses, and financials

  2. Identify Investment Size

  3. Identify types of commercial projects

  4. Location and Land research

  5. Initial Market (City or Region) analysis


Phase 2: Create Entity & Conduct Initial  Industry Analysis


  1. Research businesses in target areas (Foreclosed,  Business for sale and possible acquisition)

  2. Land and location search

  3. Analysis of potential commercial development

  4. Initial talks with Real Estate Brokers and banks

  5. Advise on best Entity to set up for new commercial development

  6. Form LLC, Corp, Inc. Etc.

  7. Business Plan (E2 or EB-5 if applicable)

  8. Feasibility 


*Studies and legal formation needed to comply with banking and visa requirements.

Phase 3:  Project has been chosen and Land (Bank Packaging Phase.)

  1. Gather all investors financials from USA & MX

  2. Gather all tax filings -USA & MX

  3. Review and prepare financials for bank review

  4. Begin appraisals 

  5. CPA & Tax review  (Recommendations & Certifications)

  6. Present to financial package for final review and approval