US Legal


IBA has strategically partnered with top Texas Attorneys to help our clients legally navigate the process of establishing a new business in the United States.

Our partners, as well as IBA, will advise new clients on how to::

  1. Deciding which business type is right for you

  2. Deciding where to form your LLC

  3. Get a Registered Agent

  4. Register your LLC or S-Corporation

  5. Get EIN

  6. Get a US mailing address (if necessary)

  7. Open a US business bank account

  8. Open a business merchant account to accept payment from customers

  9. Get business insurance (if necessary)

  10. Get an ITIN (if you’re a non-US citizen without SSN)

  11. Understand your tax responsibilities and file your taxes

  12. Keep your business and personal bank accounts separate

  13. Maintain company and pay annual fees on time

  14. Make sure you’re complying with city or county requirements